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 Center for Documentation

IISEPS Center for Documentation

IISEPS Center for Documentation is the first non-state archive in Belarus, which got official certificate N 1 from the state Committee on Archives of the Republic of Belarus. Its informational base consists of 50 thousand documents and materials, characterizing main structures of civil society of the country.

Our Center for Documentation permanently collects, systematizes and analyzes information from 30 belarusian periodicals including local newspapers.

Considerable part of the whole collection is original documents never published in periodicals - from short strikes leaflets to bulk programs and charters of dozen of leading political parties and and public associations of the country.

Until September, 1998 the database of Center for Documentation was formed according to the date of the publication of a document. Materials dating till 1994, are gathered in the Center as a X-copy.

From 1994 a brief description of each document is entered into the computer database PROCITE. Searching of a document can be realized by the means of the program according to the 12 parameters (including personality, theme, period of the publication, ets.).

From September, 1998 computer base has been formed according to 3 sections: "Subject sections", "Documents of political parties", "Personall". Materials of subject sections cover 11 spheres of public life of the country. Each material of any subject is represented in two variants: complete text in paper archive of Center for Documentation and brief description of the text in the computer base PROCITE.

Section "Charters and programs of organizations" includes basic documents of leading 62 public organizations: political parties and movements, unions of enterpreneurs, youth organizations. Original charters and program documents are held in paper archive.

Finally, information about public and political leaders of Belarus is gathered in section "Personall". Files of political leaders (chiefs of political parties and movements, trade unions and youth organizations), MPs, enterpreneurs associations leaders, journalists and publishers of the most popular and influential newspapers, state officials are included to the section. Leaders files contain interviews, biographic materials, author materials and materials about leaders. "Active", constantly supplemented base, totals over 100 files. "Passive" base, not supplemented any more, maintains 50 files of heroes, which have lost their political impact.

From February 2002 Center for Documentation instead of formation of its traditional archive began to publish monthly information e-bulletin "Infofocus" that introduces the most important documents and materials with brief experts' comments.


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